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Admirals - 9th-12th

1st Hour


Financial Literacy/Government Part 2 - Funschooling journey has taken us through hands-on experiences with finances, understanding money, taxes, and careers.  Now we can shift to understanding the world of Economics and Government.  We will even be reporters for the Hard Times Paper! 

(Teacher: Lisk)

Supplies:  Pencil -Journal will be provided

Class Fee: $20 for new students/$5 for returning students


Music Basics - Whether you are a seasoned musician or just want to learn about music this class is for you! Together we will learn about many aspects of music, from basic note reading and rhythm to composers and music in movies! Music influences our feelings, brings back memories and helps connect people across generations!  Students will learn basic theory using a recorder and will have a chance to share their favorite songs, musical pieces and/or artists during our final class called Share and Play!! 

(Teacher: Berry)

Class Fee: $5

High School Art - Students explore different mediums of art such as:  watercolor, acrylic, drawing, oil pastels, and paper tear.  We will also explore wire designs and jewelry making.  We will find ideas for inspiration and we will learn that TRYING is the first step to success in art.

Art Class will not be a repeat of the first semester, and there will be an emphasis on drawing for Spring Semester. We will have at least three classes focused on perspective, faces, and fundamentals, and likely, at least 4. We will also spend at least one class on lettering:).

Art paper, pens, paints, and any other necessary supplies will be provided.  Students need to bring an old t-shirt (extra-large-on-them) to class to wear over their clothes while we work on projects.  Beginners are welcome!

(Teacher: Elledge)

Supplies:  old xl t-shirt to throw over clothes

Class Fee: $30


First Aid - In this class we will cover many of the most common injuries and illnesses that someone could expect to encounter, and how they could be treated in a first aid setting.  From diabetic emergencies, to broken bones, to CPR, and everything in between. We will have hands-on practice with each of those. Each kid will leave the class with their own first aid kit that can be kept in the car or at the house, and the basic knowledge to care for almost any medical emergency.

(Teacher: Larson)

Class Fee: $45


2nd Hour

Socratic Seminar - Students who enjoy sharing their opinions will love this class! Socratic Seminar is not a debate class, but a discussion class. We will practice expressing our opinions respectfully and intelligently, while also actively listening to opposing ideas. This year in Socratic Seminar we will be focusing on World Religions. We will begin each class by studying a quick overview of a major world religion, then we will move into discussions, and begin  examining how people’s worldviews are a contributing factor in their opinions on politics, current events, and other issues. Although Masterbooks’ World Religions and Cults will be used as a jumping off point, no homework will be given. Students will take home summary information and will be encouraged to dig deeper on their own. 

(Teacher: McGouirk)

Class Fee: $5


Confectionery Science - An exciting introduction to the world of chemistry, physics, and other sciences through fun candy creations. 

(Teachers: Phillips and Underwood)

Class Fee: $21

Botany - Journey into the wonderful world of botany! Botany is one of the most important fields of science you’ll ever learn about in your life because your survival depends on plants! By understanding the secret world of botany, you’ll become an expert on what it takes to grow and nourish plants and help them flourish in this world. You’ll learn about soil, seeds, roots, leaves, flowers, creatures that help plants grow, trees, and so much more!

(Teacher: Stead) 

Class Fee: $20


Drama (6th-12th) - Spring 2023: Students will continue to activate their imagination through drama games, improvisation and script exercises, while building confidence and social skills through character development and teamwork. 

(Teachers: Pounders and Hardy)

Class Fee: $13

3rd Hour

PE - Time to move! Participate in a fun game or activity with your class, and bring a snack from home to enjoy. (Teacher: Mannix)

Supplies: Please wear tennis shoes and weather-appropriate clothing as PE is usually held outside. 

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