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Admirals - 9th-12th

1st Hour


Creative Writing -If you met a one eyed dog who talked in sign language that had a pet monkey, what would it say to you? A mad scientist came up with a face cream that could…(fill in the blank) This is a fast paced writing class with writing prompts to get the creative juices flowing. Be aware, we laugh, we listen, we use our imaginations, and we encourage one another. Please bring your listening ears and your funny bone! We will write and share for 30 minutes and listen to “(Book to be determined)”, with activity pages if available, for the last 30 minutes of class. All materials are provided. 

(Teacher: Adkins)

Class Fee: $12


High School Art - High School Art will focus on exploring different mediums of art. We will find ideas for inspiration and will learn that TRYING is the first step to success in art😊. Mediums will include: an acrylic project, a watercolor project, and we are expanding our basics to include ceramics this Fall. As we learn ceramics- everything from stages of clay and project prep to hand-building techniques to sculpting with tools will be covered. As we have an opportunity, we may also explore pen and ink, basics of composition, oil pastels, copper wire, lettering, drawing, and other art mediums.

(Teacher: Elledge)

Supplies:  All art supplies will be included, but we encourage each student to bring a shirt or smock to cover regular clothes as most projects will be messy.

Class Fee: $40

Drive Thru History - Come take a virtual drive with us and learn about the important historical events that took place in various locations around the United States. The events are unfolded through a Biblical world view, with a dash of humor to keep the viewers entertained. We will watch an episode each week and then do a class discussion with a study guide.  

(Teacher: Schlagel)

Class Fee: $5

Supplies: Pencil


Forensic Science - Like real-life forensic scientists, students will observe carefully, think critically, conduct lab tests, document results and try to meet the burden of proof to solve crimes ranging from check forgery to murder! This course will require short readings outside of class.

(Teacher: Trippel & Wilson)

Supplies: Notebook, Pencil and Safety goggles

Class Fee: $20

Homestead Science - Are you a homesteader or an aspiring homesteader? Then this full-year class may be for you! In modern times, homesteading is the movement and desire to live off your own land-- to build, raise animals, grow food, and get back to your roots. You will get to learn, create, and experience many of the elements of a successful homestead. This class will teach you the basics about agriculture, animal science, life skills, food science, and so much more!
Optional: Recommended curriculum to use at home along with this class is called "Introduction to Homestead Science" Homeschool Curriculum by Kody Hanner

(Teacher: Stead)

Class Fee: $40

2nd Hour

Adulting 101 - Every class will begin with an exercise designed to develop the student’s interview skills. The next portion of each class will be a lesson on a specific adulting topic. Topics may include professional, etiquette, communication, goal setting, conflict management, prioritizing and financial wellness.

(Teacher: Pounders)

Class Fee: $15


Basic Cooking for Beginners​ - This class will include basic skills such as: different egg preparations, knife skills, food safety, basic kitchen skills, cooking meals, learning about spices and more! The goal of this class is to help your teenager gain knowledge in the kitchen!

(Teacher: Ridgley)

Class Fee: $25

Student Teacher - Each week, a student or group of 2 students will teach the class on a subject/hobby of their choosing. Example: orgami, jewelry making, science experiment, etc. This will build skills such as public speaking, planning, organizing, and leading all while the student is teaching something they enjoy.

(Teacher: White) 

Class Fee: $25


Psychology - Learn the fun basics about psychology! From the interesting beginnings of psychology to current theories, we'll learn how our brain works, how our personalities develop, and why we do the things we do. This class will include hands-on activities and class discussion. We will also be discussing anxiety, depression, and anger. We'll learn how to better understand and manage these common struggles for yourself and others. This class will be taught from a Christian worldview by a licensed mental health counselor.

(Teacher: Fillingim)

Class Fee: $5

Breakout Box - This class will be utilizing kits and games. Instead of trying to escape a room, students will be trying to break into a set of locked boxes. You will need to think creatively and use your critical thinking skills to solve the puzzles with a variety of ciphers and clues that will unlock many different types of locks. The class will be divided into two teams, and you will have to work together to get into your box before the other group!

(Teacher: McGouirk)

Class Fee: $20

3rd Hour

PE: Sports and Games - Time to move! Participate in fun games and activities with your class.

(Teacher: Crawford)

Supplies: Please wear tennis shoes and weather-appropriate clothing as PE is held outside, and bring a snack from home to enjoy.

PE: Walking Club - Walking Club is our new alternate PE class for those who don't prefer sports and games. Lace up your sneakers to walk and chat with friends 

(Teacher: Hardy)

Supplies: Please wear tennis shoes and weather-appropriate clothing as PE is held outside, and bring a snack from home to enjoy.

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