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Captains - 6th-8th

1st Hour


Cooking 101: Dishes Around the World - Cultivate your curiosity and gain an appreciation for our diverse world! In each class we'll be exploring different cultures and diving into their delicious food. Students will learn hands-on how to cook one of each culture's dishes, exploring different flavors, spices, and cooking techniques. We will focus on properly handling knives, as well as other important cooking tools in this class. Please disclose any food allergies.

(Teacher: Miller)

Supplies: Students will need their own personal cutting board (highly encourage one that does not slip) and a paring knife that they will be responsible for bringing to each class. Please bring a small portable food container to take their lunch home also.

Class Fee: $15


Mini Weapons of Mass Destruction - Join us as we create miniature weapons such as catapults, slingshots, darts etc., out of basic household items. In each class, we’ll get the opportunity to test our weapons via target practice and launches! Safety glasses will be provided for each student. This is a repeat class, using Book 1 again, and only students who haven't previously taken this class may enroll.

(Teacher: Andrews)

Class Fee: $15 


Logic Games - We will play with formal logic in an informal way, putting our brains to the test and learning more about good reasoning and classic logic through games, puzzles, escape rooms, treasure hunts and more.

(Teacher: Hawks)

Class Fee: $20


Beginners Sign Language - Students will learn to sign starting with the alphabet and working their way up to forming small sentences. We will also learn about deaf culture and history.

(Teacher: Smith

Class Fee: $15


2nd Hour

Music Basics  - Whether you are a seasoned musician or just want to learn about music this class is for you! Together we will learn about many aspects of music, from basic note reading and rhythm to composers and music in movies. Music influences our feelings, brings back memories and helps connect people across generations.  Students will learn basic theory using a recorder and will have a chance to share their favorite songs, musical pieces and/or artists during our final class called Share and Play! 

(Teacher: Berry)

Class Fee: $5

Pirates of the Caribbean - We will be using Campfire Curriculum’s mini-unit "In the Steps of Real Pirates of the Caribbean." We will explore the Caribbean, pirate ships, legends, and myths about pirates (do you know how Blackbeard made his beard to look smoky and aglow?), make pirate swords and treasure chests, and become a pirate crew member! Real life lessons and Bible verses will be woven through each lesson. Please visit for their full description of the unit.

(Teacher: Vickers)

Class Fee: $15

Exploring Art - Students will complete art projects designed to develop their individual ideas and talents as an artist. Students will explore concepts that will increase their knowledge about art materials, using art equipment, art history, and application.

(Teacher: Crawford)

Class Fee: $30


Intro to Homestead Science Are you a homesteader or an aspiring homesteader? Then this full-year class may be for you! In modern times, homesteading is the movement and desire to live off your own land-- to build, raise animals, grow food, and get back to your roots. You will get to learn, create, and experience many of the elements of a successful homestead. This class will teach you the basics about agriculture, animal science, life skills, food science, and so much more!
Optional: Recommended curriculum to use at home along with this class is called "Introduction to Homestead Science" Homeschool Curriculum by Kody Hanner

(Teacher: Stead)

Class Fee: $40

3rd Hour

PE: Sports and Games - Time to move! Participate in fun games and activities with your class.

(Teacher: Fingers)

Supplies: Please wear tennis shoes and weather-appropriate clothing as PE is held outside, and bring a snack from home to enjoy.

PE: Walking Club - Walking Club is our new alternate PE class for those who don't prefer sports and games. Lace up your sneakers to walk and chat with friends 

(Teacher: Green)

Supplies: Please wear tennis shoes and weather-appropriate clothing as PE is held outside, and bring a snack from home to enjoy.

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