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Captains - 6th-8th

1st Hour


​Confectionery Science - An exciting introduction to the world of chemistry, physics, and other sciences through fun candy creations. 

(Teachers: Phillips and Underwood)

Class Fee: $21


Mini Weapons of Mass Destruction - Join us as we create miniature weapons such as catapults, slingshots, darts etc., out of basic household items. In each class, we’ll get the opportunity to test our weapons via target practice and launches! Safety glasses will be provided for each student.

(Teacher: Andrew/Fillingam)

Class Fee: $15 per student


Trekking our National Parks - We're going on an adventure! Each week we'll take a trip to dive into our Nation's amazing National Parks. Using hands-on activities, students will focus on history, geography, nature and more! Students will create a Travel Journal each week to bring home at the end of the semester. 

(Teacher: Miller)

Class Fee: $15


Botany - Journey into the wonderful world of botany! Botany is one of the most important fields of science you’ll ever learn about in your life because your survival depends on plants! By understanding the secret world of botany, you’ll become an expert on what it takes to grow and nourish plants and help them flourish in this world. You’ll learn about soil, seeds, roots, leaves, flowers, creatures that help plants grow, trees, and so much more!

(Teacher: Stead) 

Class Fee: $20


Music Basics  - Whether you are a seasoned musician or just want to learn about music this class is for you! Together we will learn about many aspects of music, from basic note reading and rhythm to composers and music in movies! Music influences our feelings, brings back memories and helps connect people across generations!  Students will learn basic theory using a recorder and will have a chance to share their favorite songs, musical pieces and/or artists during our final class called Share and Play!! 

(Teacher: Berry)

Class Fee: $5


2nd Hour

Creative Writing - You have a mad scientist, a lab, and your imagination! Where will they take you?? WRITE IT DOWN!!! Share with the class.  We will use writing prompts for fast paced creative writing.  In the last 15-30 minutes of class we will listen to a book (title coming soon). Bring your funny bone and listening ears! All materials are provided and children will go home with a writing packet at the end of the semester. (Teacher: Adkins)

Class Fee: $12


Drama (6th-12th) - Spring 2023: Students will continue to activate their imagination through drama games, improvisation and script exercises, while building confidence and social skills through character development and teamwork. 

(Teachers: Pounders and Hardy)

Class Fee: $13


Exploring Art - Come explore the wonderful world of art!  Students will develop observation and technical skills in drawing, painting, sculpture, and various other art mediums.

(Teacher: Crawford)

Class Fee: $20


Critical Thinking and Team Building - Come join Mrs. Brandy in strengthening your critical thinking, team building. Learn the 9 traits of critical thinking: examine, communication, inquire, strive, reflect, link, create, adapt and collaborate! Students will bring home their workbook and will have homework to complete whichever trait pages were not completed in class and may have something to do at home and bring back with them to next class ie: homemade trash instruments. 

(Teacher: Beaudin & Freeman)

Class Fee: $15


Astronomy - “The heavens declare the glory of God.” Learn more about our God’s creative masterpiece as we study space and the planets.  Hands on, interactive lessons will teach us more about stars, how to find constellations, the differences between the planets in our solar system and the wonders of space.  Using “The Good and the Beautiful” space curriculum and designed for middle school students, join us for a fun and dynamic exploration of our universe. 

(Teacher: Hawks)

Class Fee: $15


3rd Hour

PE - Time to move! Participate in a fun game or activity with your class, and bring a snack from home to enjoy. (Teacher: Taylor)

Supplies: Please wear tennis shoes and weather-appropriate clothing as PE is usually held outside. 

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