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Navigators - 3rd-5th

1st Hour

PE - Time to move! Participate in fun games and activities with your class. (Teacher: Fingers)

Supplies: Please wear tennis shoes and weather-appropriate clothing as PE is held outside, and bring a snack from home to enjoy.

2nd Hour

Homesteading - Learn about what homesteading is and why it's important. We'll be learning about pollinators, chickens, and all sorts of things that make people self sufficient. Your kids will get to build bird houses with their very own screwdrivers and hammers, we'll also be making water filters, seed bombs, bird feeders, worm farms, an herb garden, and homemade butter!

(Teacher: Green)

Supplies: Pencil and Notebook if they'd like to take notes

Class Fee: $25

Creative Writing - Have you ever wondered what you would say to an alien, what you would do with a pot of gold, or what you would do if a monkey followed you home from the zoo?  Then Creative Writing is for you!  Be aware: we laugh, we listen, we use our imaginations, and we encourage one another.  Please bring your listening ears and your funny bone!  We will write and share for 15-30 minutes and listen to a book (title coming soon) for the remainder of the class.  All materials are provided and children will go home with a writing packet at the end of the semester.  

(Teacher: Adkins)

Class Fee: $12

Crafting Musical Instruments - Come join us for some musical fun! We will be making our own musical instruments from household items, and learning some musical terms and styles along the way.

(Teachers: Schuler and Skutt)

Supplies: Pencil, Crayons or Colored pencils, Scissors, and Glue.
Parents may also be asked throughout the semester to help gather household supplies.

Class Fee: $10


3rd Hour

Animal Science: Flying Creatures - What is the largest bird in the world? Do birds have teeth? Which species of birds can fly backwards? How do birds steer while flying? What do we call a baby bat? What does the Bible say about dragons? This semester we will take time to study all of these questions and more as we dive into the study of God's flying creatures. Each class we will learn new information and do a class participation experiment to solidify what we have learned!

(Teacher: Gischel)

Supplies: Scissors, Glue, Pencil, Colored pencils, and a Pocket folder.

Class Fee: $12


Basics of Books and Crafting -  In this class, your student will enjoy a read aloud book, engage in group discussion, and create a fun craft. We will explore the basic elements of a book (setting, character, plot, symbolism, point of view etc.) and then get crafty with a related project.

(Teacher: Herman)

​Supplies: Basics: Colored pencils, Scissors, Glue, Pencil

Class Fee: $10


Etiquette and Eating - Come have fun as we eat our way through learning etiquette at the table! Some topics we will cover are "Foods I Don't Like," "Please and Thank You," "Making Conversation," and "What Do I Do With My Hands?"

(Teacher: Click)

Supplies: Pencil, Crayons, Scissors

Class Fee: $15


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