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Navigators - 3rd-5th

1st Hour

PE - Time to move! Participate in a fun game or activity with your class, and bring a snack from home to enjoy. (Teacher: Mannix & Bryars)

Supplies: Please wear tennis shoes and weather-appropriate clothing as PE is usually held outside.

2nd Hour

Music Across History - Join us on a musical adventure through History! See how music through the years has both reflected and shaped our culture, civilization, and customs. Students will also delve into music, both making music as a class, and learning how to decipher musical notation. (Teachers: Schuler and Skutt)

Supplies: scissors, pencil, and crayons or colored pencils

Class Fee: $5


Exploring God's Creations: 6 Days in one school year - God's intricate designs can be found in all His creations. In this year long class, you will learn through doing. We will explore what God created each of the six days of creation and spend a month or more on each. For example, on Day 4 when He made the sun, moon, and stars, He crafted them perfectly so they would be suspended just right for humans to live on His beautiful earth. We learn about this in the Bible! (Teacher: Burton)

Supplies (Please label with your name): pencil, scissors, hand held personal pencil sharpener, glue bottle, glue stick, colored pencils, pencil bag, plastic pocket folder to hold work we do in class

Class Fee: $10


Spanish - Hola! Come learn some beginning Spanish with a little workbook, games, and songs.We'll learn the Spanish words for colors, numbers, food, and more! Be ready to talk, it's the best way to practice! A great class if you've never learned any Spanish before or want to review the simple basics.

(Teacher: Kennedy)

Supplies: Pencils and crayons or colored pencils for coloring 

Class Fee: $5 for book


Math Masters - Hands on learning of different math principles. Math is more fun when it makes sense, which will be the core goal each week. Learning to read an analog clock, understanding fractions, skip counting/multiplication, and division  are some of the skills we will go over in a fun way. 

(Teacher: Schlagel)

Class Fee: $3


3rd Hour

Living Art Lessons - Calling all young Picassos! Join us as we study the 7 Elements of Art using Masterbooks Living Art Lessons as the spine for this class.  Students will become familiar with selected artists and genres.  Multiple types of medium will be used throughout the year.  Students are encouraged to sketch one thing a week (practice what they are learning in class) and come to class prepared to share their work if they would like.  If they already have a sketchbook they can finish using that, otherwise a spiral bound, unlined 8x10 will work fine.

(Teacher: Gischel)

Supplies:  Art smock or old t-shirt, sketchbook and a box of basic supplies (pencil, crayons, glue stick, scissors) 

Class Fee: $10


Animal Habitats -  We will create lapbooks while studying the animal habitats of the Amazon Rainforest and Coral Reefs. We will learn all about the animals that call these places home as well as the geography and climates of the areas. We will learn vocabulary associated with the habitats and have lots of hands-on activities. We will provide the printed materials, folders for the lapbooks, and project materials.

(Teachers: Trippel & Wilson)

​Supplies: Colored pencils, regular pencil, scissors and glue stick.

Class Fee: $7


Kitchen STEM  - In this class, kids will learn about science that happens every day in places we don’t normally think about. We’ll be using things found in the kitchen like food and utensils conducting fun and interesting experiments and then discussing our findings. Some experiments might even involve a snack to enjoy! Class may sometimes get messy, so bring an apron or  a t-shirt that can get dirty.​

(Teacher: Beaudin & Freeman)

Class Fee: $22


Creative Writing - Have you ever wondered what you would say to an alien, what you would do with a pot of gold, or what you would do if a monkey followed you home from the zoo?  Then Creative Writing is for you!  Be aware: we laugh, we listen, we use our imaginations, and we encourage one another.  Please bring your listening ears and your funny bone!  We will write and share for 15-30 minutes and listen to a book (title coming soon) for the remainder of the class.  All materials are provided and children will go home with a writing packet at the end of the semester.  

(Teacher: Adkins)

Class Fee: $12

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