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Navigators - 3rd-5th

1st Hour

Geography Fun - US Geography fun facts, maps, songs, drawing the states, memory work, and games. 

Teacher: Bolton

Supplies: Pencil and Crayons or Colored Pencils

Class Fee: $10

Creative Writing - Have you ever wondered what you would say to an alien, what you would do with a pot of gold, or what you would do if a monkey followed you home from the zoo?  Then Creative Writing is for you!  Be aware: we laugh, we listen, we use our imaginations, and we encourage one another.  Please bring your listening ears and your funny bone!  We will write and share for 15-30 minutes and listen to short stories and poems for the remainder of the class.  All materials are provided and children will go home with a writing packet at the end of the semester.  

Teacher: Adkins

Supplies: None

Class Fee: $15

Dinosaurs - We will be learning about dinosaurs using a combination of in-class learning and hand-on activities. Learn fun facts about dinosaurs and what it's like to be a paleontologist! No formal curriculum will be used, but the information will come from Answers in Genesis and will be taught from a young earth perspective. 

Teacher: Fillingim

Supplies: None

Class Fee: $10

2nd Hour

PE - Time to move! Participate in fun games and activities with your class.

Teacher: Fingers

Supplies: Please wear tennis shoes and weather-appropriate clothing as PE is held outside, and bring a snack from home to enjoy.

3rd Hour

Music Around the World - Travel across the globe to explore different countries, cultures, and music through the years.

Teachers: Schuler and Skutt

Supplies: Pen, Pencil, Crayons or Colored pencils, and Scissors.

Class Fee: $5

Beginning Spanish -  Hola, como estas! We'll be learning some Spanish vocabulary, the alphabet, first sentences, introductions and greetings, listening skills, and songs. With a workbook to keep, conversation practice and games, we'll have fun learning about a new language together!

Teacher: Kennedy)

Supplies: Pencils, Crayons or Colored Pencils, Scissors, Glue

Class Fee: $10

Around the World in 8 Dishes  - Pack your travel bags! This semester we will be journeying around the world to taste and see 8 different dishes. From countries in North and South America, to Europe, Asia and Africa, students will experience different cultures, history and cuisine. 

Teacher: Click

Supplies: Pencil, Crayons or Colored Pencils, Scissors 

Class Fee: $18


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