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Navigators - 3rd-5th

1st Hour

Creative Writing - Have you ever wondered what you would say to an alien, what you would do with a pot of gold, or what you would do if a monkey followed you home from the zoo?  Then Creative Writing is for you!  Be aware: we laugh, we listen, we use our imaginations, and we encourage one another.  Please bring your listening ears and your funny bone!  We will write and share for 15-30 minutes and listen to short stories and poems for the remainder of the class.  All materials are provided and children will go home with a writing packet at the end of the semester.

Teacher: Adkins

Supplies: None

Class Fee: $15

Fruit of the Spirit - Learn about the Fruit of the Spirit and what the words mean to us from a biblical understanding. I will help your student(s) memorize, understand, and utilize the Fruit of the Spirit in their own life throughout the semester. This will be geared for this age group with some scripture reading, copy work, coloring journal/pages and a fun song to help with the memorization of the verse!
Teacher: Melton

Supplies: None

Class Fee: $15

America's History: A Tuttle Twins Series of Stories (vol. 1, 1215-1776) - Join the Tuttle Twins as they eagerly learn about the struggles of Europeans who risked it all in the journey to freedom and human rights. This series of stories is rich with treacherous ocean voyages to a far away land, the struggle to survive, and the desire for independence from a tyrannical king. Forget dry and boring history textbooks that contain mind-numbing facts and dates. Dive into the events of world exploration, free trade, and the settlement of a wild land that led to the fight for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness in the New World. This class will also create fun and immersive historical projects to supplement the stories.

Teacher: Unruh

Supplies: Pencil or Pen; optional Notebook (for Time Traveler's Journal)

Class Fee: $10

2nd Hour

PE - Time to move! Participate in fun games and activities with your class.

Teacher: Schlater

Supplies: Please wear tennis shoes and weather-appropriate clothing as PE is held outside, and bring a snack from home to enjoy.

3rd Hour

Arts & Crafts - Enjoy the art making process by drawing, painting, crafting, & more! Have fun exploring your creative side using a variety of different mediums such as watercolors, acrylics, chalk pastels, mixed media, and seasonal crafts to create your own masterpieces!

Teachers: Stephens

Supplies: All art supplies are included, but please bring an old shirt or smock to cover regular clothes in case things get messy.

Class Fee: $25

Gardening -  We will embark on an exciting journey into the world of plants, soil, and sustainable gardening practices. This class offers a hands-on, experiential approach to understanding the fundamentals of gardening and the study of plants.

Teacher: Phillips

Supplies: Pencil, Crayons or Colored Pencils, Glue and Scissors.

Class Fee: $12

Messy Fun Science Labs  - All labs every class! Will it spin, fizz, gush, or even disappear? We'll use the scientific method to find out!

Teacher: Vickers

Supplies: Pencil, Crayons or Colored Pencils, Scissors. 

Class Fee: $20


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